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Gotham City
Winter, 2018
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 Throwing Snowballs, -Winter Ball Event-
Ashley -4gmt She/Her Offline Grouchy
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As the ballroom is filled with people. A helicopter could be heard outside and then seen through a window. Some of the patrons run out to see the commotion and the door of the helicopter opens and doves fly out. But the helicopter is empty. Not even a driver. The engine turns off and all the patrons that ran out go back inside only to see the ballroom decorated with many different snowflakes and snow based decor with even a thin veil of fake snow on the floor and a man in a beautiful White Tuxedo and a [url=gold mask]gold mask[/url] that covered his entire face Standing on the stage at the front of the ballroom.

"Welcome, one and all. To the first annual Sionis Foundation charity Snow Ball. Tonight I go by the moniker Masquerade. You may choose any name you wish to use but everything is meant to be anonymous. A night away from your problems and the tribulations of Gotham where you can be someone else and have a little fun. 90 dollars a plate. It may seem a little steep but all of the proceeds for the night are going to charity. The caterers and wait staff have already been properly paid, the limousines that have been hired to take home anyone who gets a little too much booze in them have all been paid for. Feel representitives of the charity are here feel free to donate more if you wish. Thank you to the others that helped me put this together. But every dime made tonight goes to charity."

Walking down off the stage he looked around for his date. Kind of wishing he had not done the whole anonymous thing. He picked up a champagne flute from a waiter's tray and pushed up his mask enough to reveal his lips and took a large drink from it. Then he pushed his mask back down. "There are only 3 rules for the night. When in the ballroom, your masks stay on. It is about anonymity. Revealing takes away part of the mystery and the fun. Yes some of you we will know. Mr. Mayor" Smiles behind his full faced mask and points to a portly older man in a mask who then smiles in his mask that his mouth is visible. "But, don't reveal. If you need to take off your mask for a moment, feel free to use any other of the facilities in The Sionis Cosmetics Citadel. Everything in the building will be open until the party is over. It is only in the ball room that the masks must remain on. Rule number 2, don't be an asshole and ruin people's party. Take advantage of the free limousines should you have a bit too much and need to get home. and rule number 3. For god sakes Gotham. Have a little fun."

Walking through the ballroom his feet kicking up a little of the fake snow as he walks. Masquerade looks around at all of the people at the party and sees that it is a very impressive turn out. Then as he starts to touch things music comes from anything he touches. A music note. He then smiles behind his mask again as his footsteps are also creating music and the rhythm of a song. "Now please welcome just one of your entertainment for the evening. A very popular recording artist. If you like that style of music. The lovely SERENADE."

Baby, It's cold Outside
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Ashley -4gmt She/Her Offline Naughty
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A deep breath, the tightest and most beautiful dress she has worn in a while, Aine stood in a room in the Sionis Cosmetic Citadel. She did not even want to come tonight but Mr. Sionis could be persuasive and told her that how she filled a room with music would be a fancy take to his ball. He paid for her dress, and a high class babysitter. Who she was Billy Batson doing Sionis a favor. Which worried her a little. But she hoped Jack was safe and having fun. Her make-up was all done up. Professionally. She didn't really like that and would have rather done her own. Looking in the mirror she was beautiful, like a doll. She barely recognized herself. She was nervous, and the thing that Mr. Sionis did not realize was that pushing her ability through an entire room the size of a ballroom was going to take a lot out of her. Her usual radius is about 8 feet but she can push for short times. Just one song. About 3 minutes. Perhaps she would do a normal song later without the assist.

Times like this she missed her fallen love Caroline Piper. A firewoman who had died in a fire a few years ago. She would have told her it was alright, she could do this. How beautiful she looked. Her emotions were running wild. Reaching to her side she grabbed a glass of water and some pills, opening the pill bottle she took one out and popped it into her mouth. Then drank the water to help it go down easier. Gazing in the mirror some more trying to keep collected she took deep breaths and put the pill bottle down. revealing that it said her name and Lithium, on the prescription label.

The need for the misdirection of the helicopter escaped her she really just wanted to be cued so she could get this over with, she was used to playing shows but not pushing her ability this far. Before she even got her cue she walked to a platform with a harp on it and sat down and put on her mask then started to play pushing an invisible pulse through the area not even being cued which allowed all of Roman's movements to help her with the music. The platform lowered down as she played the harp. Part of her signature was that when on stage. She never wore shoes. She sat barefoot, playing the harp and filling the room with her ability allowing every movement anyone made for the length of the song to add to the music and ambiance of it.

When the song was over she pushed the harp over accidentally as she grew weak and fell into it. Then she fell down and Roman Sionis ran over to help her and got her to a table helping her sit down in a chair. She pushed him away. She did not want to be touched. A sudden anger filled her, she had a day off of being a mom and needed a drink to keep from hurting herself or someone else. As a waiter walked by she weakly grabbed him by the arm and tugged him close. "Crack the barrel, bring a lass some whiskey." The waiter was told to accommodate the guests but try and avoid hard alcohol to try and avoid incidents. He looked over at the man who called himself Masquerade for the night who just gave him a nod and then he ran off to get Aine, or Serenade as she was known. A full on bottle of whiskey.

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She told her grandfather that she would meet him at the affair. He probably knew exactly why she chose to go this route; she was self-conscious about these sorta gatherings. The biggest decision was what to wear and specifically if she should wear a dress or not. Well, the question wasn’t if but was it expected? Her mother had a long stint in being in mental illness’ at a vital moment in Kitrina’s life. She wasn’t taught things ‘other girls’ knew about makeup, boys and a woman’s role. She wasn’t sure if she would’ve even let her mother teach her those things. She was a tomboy even at a younger age. She was basically raised with the men in the mafia.

If it wasn’t for a job, she wasn’t wearing a dress. It just wasn’t happening. She was fine until she had actually arrived. The other women there were so beautiful, their gowns were to die for but Kit would never admit it. Now, as she stood outside the main doors peeking in while wearing her outfit, she was filled with anxiety. It did help that no one could actually know who she was though.

“Miss?” A man said a second time and Kitrina turned towards him with irritation in her eyes, he jumped back when she faced him “Mr. Sionis is about to deliver his speech…you should go inside..” he said, looking over her choice in makeup under the mask. She groaned but finally moved inside the ballroom as the speech began. As he spoke, she felt a little bit better actually, anonymous and fake names. It was comforting and she held her head a little higher. Although the pink hair might be a giveaway. The only one who would surely recognize her would be her grandfather who had seen her mask prior.

She wasn’t paying attention to know the speech ended, she was looking at all the woman in the most beautiful gowns. As the song started, she made her way through the crowd to the bar, “two whiskey neats, please…” she told the bartender. When the drink was delivered to her, she took it and moved over to a balcony window. She watched the light snowfall before turning back around and watching the beautiful crowd.

BLUE -4gmt She/Her Pm Offline Depressed
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Silver bells
City sidewalks, busy sidewalks Dressed in holiday style In the air there's a feeling of Christmas Children laughing, people passing Meeting smile after smile And on every street corner you hear
Stepping out her black car on the night of the snowball, the cold air nipped and her fishnet-clad legs. In the passenger seat had been Zatanna Zatara. The snow was falling like a someone putting powdered sugar on cookies. Perfect fluffy flakes were a dream come true. The city seemed to be at peace for the moment. That still made her restless. It was like seeing a blanket of clean before the blood splattered across it. Dinah couldn't help but feel her guard raise substantially.

"Come on, Zee. It's cold." Dinah Pulled down her mask, she was currently using as a headband, the wite and gold mask contrasting with her with her black short skirted dress and fishnets. There were rules to this she knew, and she kept a beacon of information to heroes, most would see her as a beautiful blonde and not much else. Walking into the building, the warmth was delightful. Dinah looked around as if she was just taking in the sights and sounds of small talk that murmured around her. Instead, she was looking around, taking in her surroundings, to say she didn't trust the promised safety and security of the event was an understatement.

A bold girl with bright green cat-like eyes and pink streak caught her attention, of course, Dinah loved the fact that she daring, the outfit said it all. The speech started and she stood next to Zee with a frown, "Really? I thought we were at a different event or is he trying to one-up Bruce?" Then entertainment started and this was supposed to be good. Of course, being a singer, even at a club, Dinah was listening carefully to each note. Still, there was something off about it and when she fell Dinah lifted a brow wondering if she was drunk on stage. It was possible, she was a world-renowned recording artist. To fall into a harp and create that sound, she was hiding something.

"That's a family-friendly ending." she snarked. Glancing around the room, she was on edge but she could be herself around Zee.

thanks lauren
BLUE -4gmt She/her Pm Offline Jovial
PLOT WITH Nightwing
stand by me.
Dick Grayson, escorted to beautiful tall twin brunettes with caramel skin into the room. The tops of their heads met him the line of his eye. The party seemed to stop with gasps but Dick Grayson was not watching that instead, he moved to the waiter and got two glasses of the bubbly for the women he simply bumped into on the way inside. The gold liquid matched the aqua blue of dress and masks.

He glanced at the stage to see that it just appeared that girl fell and was being helped up. A quick glance around the stage didn't give him any information of danger other than an accident. For the moment, he felt it was best to keep his eyes open. Zatanna was here with Dinah and Dinah looked like the evening couldn't end fast enough. It was another woman that caught his eye and interest at the moment, watching the snow in a beautiful gown-like pants and jacket.

It was the girl from many nights before. Sassy, quick-whit, and even more beautiful. If it wasn't for those emerald green eyes peeking through that mask, and pink streak her hair, he would never know it was her, to say she cleaned up well was an underestimate.

"Ladies will excuse me. I have to say hello to a friend," his voice was smooth like honey. Dick Grayson was a far different man the one that was found in the shadows. Picking up a glass at the bar of sparkling apple juice, he moved carefully through the beautiful people, he bumped into ZATANNA ZATARA and gave the woman that was close to aunt a smile. Giving her quick kiss on the cheek he winked at Dinah and kept going.

"Surely the most beautiful woman at the ball shouldn't be alone, watching snowflakes." He greeted KITRINA FALCONE

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BLUE -4gmt She/Her pm Offline Hungry
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Upstairs getting Roman's servants to help her get the crown of orange-gold holly in her hair, she could only hear the speech and music with her sensitive ears. Winching at the sound of the crash, the woman cursed in Swedish before finishing up and allowing Faith to go. She looked gem from another world, to place in time. Really, she looked as if she was looking for Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. As her mask was put on perfectly she was ready and descended the stairwell as she began to mingle with the crowd. People whispered about the fall of the woman and someone was getting her whiskey. Odd. Still, she was Roman's date for the evening and she had to play nice for the most part.

Not wanting to really get involved she stopped at the bar and got a glass of Mulled fine. The species were delightful and brighter dryer wine. Still, the flavors were something to get used too. It took a few sips for the flavor in the kisser to mellow out. She took a few sips and to the front of the room like a queen should, demanding attention with subtle intention. A man whisked past her with a whiskey bottle in his hand. He was moving quickly towards the stage. Now whiskey was a blood thinner, she knew that much and hurried her pace, lift ing her skirt a few inches so that she could walk faster.

The harp wasn't to badly damaged. One string was loose from what Faith could tell. She stood at the bottom and looked up at the Roman as he was helping the woman up. There was little recall of her name. It wasn't something Faith cared to know, "Is everything alright? Does she need a doctor?" Faith looked away from the tattooed and only costumed to woman.

Let's remember tonight

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notes go here you can actually write as many as you want and it'll just keep going on forever!

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even with not being in gotham for long, oliver had already had his phone blown up with messages from his secretary still in star city. it was more so about him making an appearance back home at the winter festivities there that queen industries always had a hand in. obviously his absence made such a move impossible. but there was a happy medium in attending the ball in gotham. queen industries had some property within gotham so it made sense for oliver to attend and give back in the form of a bountiful donation.

he had no such desire to have his own entrance to the ball be as grand as others were making. he was being more reserved - call it a christmas miracle if you will. oliver had been among the masked crowd waiting for the festivities to begin when the arrival of a helicopter, the trick and the speech made by masquerade. so there were rules to this engagement but no mention of punishment. oliver of course had a troubling relationship with the rules but perhaps for a night he could abide by some. mask or no mask. his beard alone would cause him to stick out like a sore thumb.

with the speech over oliver had retired to the bar and ordered himself a glass of champagne. waiting, he leaned against the bar overseeing the goings on in front of him as people mingled with one another without fear thanks to the masks. he had decided he would take the hosts advice and take advantage of what was there, the bar. keep his mouth shut and away from breaking that second rule of the night.

Calen EST He. Him. His iCalen#3071 Offline over it
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but a kiss can be even deadlier, if you mean it


She looked around and couldn’t help but feel insecure. She’d probably never be like those other girls. Most of her knew she wanted to be, she couldn’t only be ‘one of the boys’ for so long. Save for Snart, everyone treated her like that. People often forgot she was just a girl. She was comfortable with it for the most part, she barely thought about it. But times like this with fancy parties, masquerade masks, couples kissing under the mistletoe, it made her envious. Kit hated caring about anything too much, especially when it came to emotions. Thankfully, she had her liquid ‘who the fuck cares’ drink in her hand. She took a drink, turning away from the crowd and back to the falling snowflakes.

Surely the most beautiful woman at the ball shouldn't be alone, watching snowflakes.

She almost spit up her drink which would have only pissed her off. “Good one..someone dare you to say that or did you come up with it all by your-” she said and furrowed her eyebrows as she turned towards the voice. She thought he was making fun of her. She was a defensive one and assumed she was the butt of his joke. No doubt he’d have some posse Careful,with him or girl on each arm but none of that was true. It was just a man by himself. She looked around, no one was watching. She put her drink down on the table and turned all the way towards him. He was gorgeous to say the least.

It just dawned her on that he might be serious in his compliment. The most beautiful woman at the ball she thought. She fought back a smile before she realized how stupid she was being. “Typical man…one compliment and I’m supposed to what? Swoon?” she asked, in a sultry voice she honestly didn’t even know she had.

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Harley Quinn
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The night was young and fun. She was beautiful and in character. Her skin, a beautiful peach anyone would hunger to take a bite out of her. Those big blue eyes had a sense of intelligence and playfulness glistening inside of them. Harley was loving this but again tonight, she had to be Jessica Seaborne to hide from those that wanted to put her cuffs. A younger man walked next to her, giving her the rip-roar of a cougar. The young man on her arm as well, Superman. Or so he thought he was Superman. Who was she to judge the crazy little bastard and the crazy things he said?

Walking into the Snowball, in the mind of Harley Quinn, they probably were the most attractive couple. They would so outdo Brad and Angela if they were still together. Squeezing 'Superman's' arm, she grinned up at him. She loved this soft purplish pink look with all sorts of drama in the skirt. The Ball was beautiful, the house brought up ideas and temptations but she would have to stomp them down. In smooth, natural voice, to hide her true identity, "This place is beautiful." Harley lifted her skirt as she walked up the stair, taking in the glitz and glitter.

Taking two champagne glass off a try, she smiled at the waiter and gave him a wink before handing one to her date. Harley didn't want to be honest with herself. Even in the giddiness of having a date with another man, she couldn't help but feel like she was betraying the Joker. Still, she had not been able to completely shake him but that was natural when you gave someone you're all for years. Tonight was to enjoy. The speech went off without a hitch and now. The harp was playing and it was beautiful but when the woman fell Harley couldn't hold back the giggle feast.

"O.M. GEEEEEEE! Did you see that? I didn't know this dance was a comedy act!" she howled. She placed a hand on her stomach as she laughed. That was perfect. Stupid brood!

Ain't no fairytale
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Kon-El didn't want to be impressed, and at the most precise of levels he wasn't. He wanted to show the dignified persona of Superman, walk into the joint like he'd decorated it himself and there was nothing new to see there... but he couldn't manage it. He did manage to match his date's decorum, however. For as long as it lasted. He looked intently at all the decorations, intentionally kicked a bit of fake snow on the floor, and unreservedly used his x-ray vision to see what people looked like behind thier masks. "I wonder what the stuff on the floor is made of." He wasn't asking, just adding on to her observation. She was right, and it needed no modification from him. He had no sense of fashion, after all.

He hadn't seen 'that', but he turned to Harley and then followed her line of sight to the woman who had been playing the music as she was helped toward a table. He 'zoomed in' his vision, then X-ray'd her. Her body was reacting to stress, strain, and... he suspected a foreign substance and found a quickly digesting pill in her stomach contents. Back to normal vision, nobody else seemed terribly concerned and Harley thought it was the very example of hilarious so he split the difference by grinning and chuckling at Harley's antics. He finished by placing a hand at the small of her back to steady her while she worked out the giggles. "I think the entertainer is under the influence, I saw a pill in her stomach and she's asking for whiskey. Did I mention you look incredible?" He'd practiced in a mirror, for a long time, all the things suggested by a book he'd borrowd called "dating for dummies" for this evening. It was his first date, after all.


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