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Nature, life, it's all controlled by chaos. Humans simply create the illusion of control. Outside forces pull and push us every day. Yet, what happens if chaos is being pushed by a factor we don't know about? What happens if it changes the timeline? What happens if it completely changes you?
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Winter, 2018
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 Cave Paintings, Tag Kara
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PLOT WITH Jurassic
hearts made in the sand i'm lying with the boy from ipanema

Brown, beautiful rock, polished and perfect were placed in perfect positions. A puzzle of the wild. The ancient loomed overhead. Theories of evolution would dance in the girl's head. Socialization was probably one of the interesting when it came to such ideas as extinction. Theories upon theories were being placed on top of each other. Without study, they would never know but basically unseen biological and functionality could be a secret time bomb. Being of that secret world, Faith still had no special idea on how extinction happened on different large scale level. The asteroid may have just finished the job. It easier to accept a one and done theory with evidence of a crater but still that crater created questions.

Her fingers slowly brushed over the protective layer of material that they place on the bones of the same animal she was putting on display. Her blue eyes focused on the brownish hue of beauty before. There was nothing she understands about it, just theories upon theories upon the theories. Behavior was far to complex to create sound theories upon. The dog-sized creature stood finally looking out of the display. Faith sat back at looked at her, placing a hand on her forehead she brushed her hair back. Perfect. Faith knew she had onlookers. People were amazed at how these animals were put together.

Getting up and turning, Faith knew questions would rise. The skeleton herself was 30% not complete. Foam pieces were in place of the missing bone. A little boy with large brown eyes stared at the animal with disbelief. "You had a mess but you made it?" Faith smiled and ent down to him. "It's a big puzzle. All you have to do is study hard, practice puzzles with your dad, and you'll be able to put one together when you get older. The boy had an African accent that she could quite place. The light in eyes, the joy on his face. "Did they bite?" Faith smiled, "I'm sure he did. That is a Psittacosaurus, he's a cousin of the Triceratops. We think he may have highly camouflaged to help him hide from predators. He about the size of most dogs and he ate plants." The little boy looked up at her. "Did they live with their cousins?" Faith looked at him, "We are not really sure but if we look at patterns of behavior today in African animals, it possible that smaller animals stuck around larger animals for protection. Some scientists don't believe others do. I believe that grouped together. You have a silent predator like Raptors, you'll need a defense. Sometimes horns are not enough."

The little boy looked at her, "are you, scientist?" Faith nodded, "I am." The boy smiled. "My mommy is studying to be a scientist of the brain. I want to be a scientist too." Faith chuckled, "That wonderful. What kind?" The boy grinned. "I want to study lions." He quickly gave her hug. "Thank you for teaching me." Faith hugged him back. "No problem. Good luck with your studies and I'll be watching for you o take the stage as the world's greatest Lion expert." The little boy grinned and ran to his dad. The innocence was sweet but the idea of innocence so far gone from Faith. There was no possible memory of being that wide-eyed.

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Welcome to our in character chatbox. We would invite all who have been accepted to join in on our crazy fun. We have ground rules we want to go over.

1. This is for fun.
2. We allow you brain storm ideas here.
3. ICC is non-canon to the site
4. Limit OOC Chatter.
5. We do not account ICC as on board activity. It will not keep within activity rules.
6. We invite you join, if you are active on the main board.
7. All site rules apply in the ICC.

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