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Gotham City
Winter, 2018
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 Lance, Dinah, Black Canary, Blue
BLUE -4gmt She/Her Pm Offline Depressed
Black Canary
She./ Her
Birds of Prey
PLOT WITH Black Canary
Dinah Lance
Black Canary
Claire Holt

basic information

full name: Dinah Lance
age: 33
supername: Di, Pretty Little Bird, Black Canary
occupation: Florist
hometown: Gotham City
gender: Female
pronouns: She/ Her
team: BOP, JLA, Legacy of the JSA
Dc Race: Meta


fLarry Lance and Dinah Drake




sexual orientation: Hetero
romantic orientation: Hetero
relationship status: Single


What If Scenario Statement

Dinah Lance is caged little bird. Doing what she has to keep her father alive at the hands of the mafia.


My name is Dinah Lance and I have secrets. You say this is Gotham, how do I differ from others? For starters, I'm a child of the Justice Society of America, my mother being the Black Canary. I was installed with a sense of justice, fighting for what was right, by my superhero parents, my father being Detective Larry Lance GCPD. I grow up with James Gordon, Jr. I even went ahead and helped to make Barbara's adjustment easier as a friend. When I was I younger, my parents went to a place called Earth 2. My father didn't return, there was funereal. The truth, Dad never got there. The stream sent him across the world, it was a trick, and the man of the hour was a counterpart. We buried the wrong man.

My mother died of cancer caused by the radiation he absorbed on earth, years later. Even though she didn't want it, I became the Black Canary. I didn't take up her mantle until I was twenty-three years of age. I honed my skills as a fighter and most importantly I became a daughter of the house of Zatara. Gio took me in before Zatanna had her issues. Already Zatanna and I were close. I learned arts that human or meta should know when lifting that mental. The mother died when I was sixteen years old. There was never a moment someone didn't love and care for me. Gio's death and Zatanna's downfall are devastating to me. I was given a key to unlock the Amazon Bracelets she now wears. I'm also, the only Zatara that can enter Shadowcrest.

I joined the Justice League of America when they were looking for someone to replace another during an absence. I was happy I was saving the world with my Canary Cry and then I met him. A beautiful man named Oliver Queen. We flirted but nothing really happened at this point. He chose to work on reserves and developed my own team in Gotham called the Bird of Prey.

Around this time is when I found out the truth about Larry Lance. He came back and went right the station, where he was sure that he could have found my mother and me. Commissioner Gordon would know where we were. As a mad grab for leverage on a case I was building against the mafia, they found out, kidnapped him before I got a chance to see him. Of course, this is leverage against me since I don't wear a mask. I confronted Mafia.

So, I have done jobs I'm not proud of on the down low for the Mafia family. I told them that I will never kill. I need to keep him alive. I can't lose him again. Now I have not told a soul and have been placed as Singer in the Iceberg Lounge to spy on the owner for them. I told the Birds I'm working on a case against that owner. Right now, I don't know what I would do if the Birds, JLA, or JSA found out that I was working for the mafia. They disown and hate me for sure. Family comes first and if they are superhero family or a blood family, I have to do what I can to help them. And right now, my cry is not going to help me.

your superpower


Canary Cry, Dinah Lance is known for her scream that was caused by an active metagene. This sonic scream can reach levels as high as 300 dpi. Her scream doesn't just end there. Her vocal cords are naturally specialized, she can mimic voices and create any sound she wishes.

Her hypersonic sounds waves can feel like physical punish if you are intended target. It can knock you back. These sound waves can also make people's ears bleed if they are not the intended target. Dinah has used this ability for many purposes such as breaking glass and escaping touch situations

Dinah's vocal cords are stronger than that of normal human being. Like all singers and vocalists, Dinah needs to strengthen her vocal cords and lungs. She engages in regular exercise must strength and cardio. To help her vocal cords, she plays the harmonica, sings, and does warm-ups day. .

Abilities /Skills

Martial Arts, She is no master, even if she is at what would be considered a master's level. She understands that you learn martial arts all life long. Most consider her to be in top 50 or 100 fighters in all the DC Universe. From Ted Grant to Wonder Woman, to anyone will train her in any style and on any weapon, Dinah has learned a great deal. Styles she has learned include Savate, Judo, Aikido, Jujutsu, Wing Chun, and Boxing.

Escapism is another of her skills that she has learned from Gio and Zatanna. Along with skills when it comes to slight hand.


Canary Cry Bombs, only when she damages her vocal cords and cannot scream, does Dinah use her these. They are small around bombs that emit the sound waves that reach her disabled. Oracle's Technology, Dinah wears jewelry as communication wear that Barbara Gordon created. Most notably, these are earrings and a necklace. Harmonica, This simple device is used to strengthen her vocal cords. The Black Canary is badass, therefore she rides a badass motorcycle. .

A gold bracelet with the Zatara Crest on it can call Zatanna if Dinah is trouble that she cannot get out of. The communication is telepathic and they she to be touching the crest with her index finger.

Her gloves allow her to teleport to the house when need be. There are two gems that need to touch. Each gem is located on the inside wrist of the gloves.

A charm kept on her top of her ear helps protect her soul from demons. This si your basic protection charm is a simple stud cuff.


Due to being human, Dinah wears body Armour when going out into the streets. She can be injured and killed. Her vocal cords can become damaged. Prolonged screaming and injuries and her throat can have damaging effects. There are periods and events that Dinah has not been able to speak for days. and scream for weeks. This will not slow her down. She has learned to not rely on her cry.

Although Dinah is a Zatara by adoption, she no magical skills. Just small magical items to ensure her access and safety.

Anyone that Dinah considers family is a weakness. Dinah holds the people she loves close and many of them have become her rock.

Fear of having children maybe natural to most people but as much as she wants them she has chosen not to have them, for fear that they would become orphans.

If Dinah is apart, from any of magical items that are specially tailored to her soul, Dinah cannot use them.

If she angers the Zataras' ancestors she will be locked out of Shadowcrest.

Rp Sample

It happened fast. She remembered the scream than blackness. She and Ollie were working on the case, steamed from the human trafficking that was located in Star City by the vigilante known as the Knightmare. The darkened city streets just needed the fog to roll in off the ocean. It was all that missing until it happened with that manic laughter that belonged to Harley Quinn. It seemed like squirm rained down on them, the Joker Gang was everywhere. That laughter echoed in her mind as the snap and snarl from a hyena alerted her. Blue eye snapped open, her head throbbed. That vile Kent gave her, now it was the time to speed up her healing to be out of full body pain. She looked down to see the hyena down below. "Shit." That vile was out of reach in her pocket. "Arrow?" She looked to the right, he still had his eyes closed, she couldn't tell if he conscious yet. The steady rise and fall of his chest and bloodied for made her grit her teeth. All she could do now was think about what went wrong. They did engage and were horribly outnumbered. When did the Joker Gang get so quiet? She looked around the room, armed guards. She felt a burn in her throat, she wasn't screaming anytime soon. It didn't matter, she didn't rely on it. Where was the Joker? Where was Harley? High enough that Hyena could barely reach them, Dinah needed to find a way out f the situation and wake Ollie up. With armed guards, she couldn't swing her way out of this. "Arrow wake up." This was going to from bad to worse. Still, that bird was calm and collected as she looked at the brick structure trying to get an idea of where they are. If she could activate her earrings, she could get Operator to find them and send in the birds to help them. She needed Frankie's help it was just alerting the woman to get that help was going to be a problem. Watching the guards they were talking and joking, but they kept their eyes up or Harley would kill them. "Arrow." she tried to make voice stronger so that he would hear her.

the player

alias: Blue
pronouns: She/Her
timezone: -5gmt
mature threads?: yes
triggers: Sexism
contact details: PM ]
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You have been accepted into Chaos Theory. We hope that you are ready to cause chaos with us. First, we need to make a few stops along the way. Hit up our claim section. Member Directory and Face Claim is mandatory for all members. If you are playing a character that is on a team, in a romance, has a codename, or job these are mandatory to your character. Please make sure you post in all of them. Then hop on over to plots and start weaving your web of chaos. You made it!
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Welcome to our in character chatbox. We would invite all who have been accepted to join in on our crazy fun. We have ground rules we want to go over.

1. This is for fun.
2. We allow you brain storm ideas here.
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