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Nature, life, it's all controlled by chaos. Humans simply create the illusion of control. Outside forces pull and push us every day. Yet, what happens if chaos is being pushed by a factor we don't know about? What happens if it changes the timeline? What happens if it completely changes you?
Gotham City
Winter, 2018
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 Happy New Years!, Thread open Dec. 29th .
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Welcome, Gotham! We hope you have a hand a wonderful 2017! We know we have triumphed through a lot of issues in the past year and we will do it again. The villains of Gotham cannot defeat us! We are a strong a proud city with strong proud people within. They can not stop us from living life to fullest. They cannot stop justice, try as they might. We will prevail! The People of Gotham will unite and be victorious! And you the people, will have everything to do with it.

Please enjoy the night, we have food, bands, fun drinks, and much more entertainment. Gather here a half hour before Midnight to get ready for the final countdown and the goodbye to 2017. This thread starts December 29th. Feel free to post private and group threads with all the mayhem you want.

Everyone is welcome to attend this minor section of a larger plot. If you wish you may sign up for the larger plot that will affect some characters either emotionally or physically. It is located in here. Characters will receive a mark for the larger plot if you choose to attend. Others will not, News Years will go on as planned for you.

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PLOT WITH Charlotte
It was New Year's Eve, it was time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. It didn't feel as new as Charlie would have liked it. She gathered with many. The bitter cold left many covered completely but the mutation that undertook Charlie man her barely feel the air that should be only in the Tundra or in those beautiful glaciers back home. It was a wonder on their active little island that things such as it existed. The hot and cold was a beautiful mixture and made for a unique place that not many experienced.

Now, she stood there, probably looking strange among a lot of people. To her, it was about 60 degrees outside, with all these bodies around her. She wore a light coat, lined leggings, and hoodie underneath. Fingerless gloves were on her hands. The temperature tonight was supposed to be bone-chilling. Even the police gave her funny looks as she walked past them without a care in the world. One grabbed her to give her pair of warmer gloves, instead, of talking him out of it and explaining the cold didn't bother her at all she took them and gave them to a homeless man on the street.

Now, packed in the crowd, she wished she wore less.

There was amazing. It was her first News Year out in what felt like along time. It was time to have fun. She put on the goofy glasses and looked that large ball that hung over head.

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Covering New Year's Eve in Gotham City was a horrible idea on its face. Being a Starlite was the second part of how horrible this was. However, CLARK KENT would probably be working tonight. Maybe she bothering him for a moment would make her evening better no matter how much they felt the venom between enough boil in their blood. He was the type of man you have angry sex with and leave your bra behind in his apartment and never speak his name again. That might make this a better New Years.

Lois shivered in the cold, the battery power in the clothing underneath her heavy purple parka with white furlined hood, had not kicked in yet. Wearing thick black leggings and a knee-high pair of uggs in order to keep warm, she wished to find a nice warm restaurant with heat to play in. Of course, she could hear her producer screaming in her ear. A sigh left those rosy lips before a bright smile curled over her lips and allowed her eyes to sparkle.

"Welcome to Gotham City, where the people are partying hard a forgetting the terrible end of year tradgies. They are hoping for a better new year! We and the Daily Planet wish them the best. People from all over the are here! We'll get to you soon. Everyone say hi!" One Segment finished. Now to find some where warm.

Let's do this LOL
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Welcome to our in character chatbox. We would invite all who have been accepted to join in on our crazy fun. We have ground rules we want to go over.

1. This is for fun.
2. We allow you brain storm ideas here.
3. ICC is non-canon to the site
4. Limit OOC Chatter.
5. We do not account ICC as on board activity. It will not keep within activity rules.
6. We invite you join, if you are active on the main board.
7. All site rules apply in the ICC.

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