WELCOME TO Chaos Thoery
Nature, life, it's all controlled by chaos. Humans simply create the illusion of control. Outside forces pull and push us every day. Yet, what happens if chaos is being pushed by a factor we don't know about? What happens if it changes the timeline? What happens if it completely changes you?
Gotham City
Winter, 2018
01/14 New Skin! New features. New fun!

01/13 We are switching over to HTTPS. This is security reasons. It will make things safer for browsing on your phone and in public places


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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
AINE FIONN sloth 3-October 17 3
ALEXA HASTINGS gluttony 3-October 17 1
BELLE LIEVRE sloth 28-September 17 24
BETA BLUE lust 25-September 17 31
CARMINE FALCONE greed 18-November 17 0
CASSIE lust 3-October 17 0
CHARLIE AVERY sloth 30-November 17 8
CLARK KENT pride 6-January 18 1
CONNER KENT pride 26-November 17 29
CRIMSON AND CLOVER lust 25-September 17 5
DIANA PRINCE pride 31-October 17 10
DINAH LANCE wrath 27-September 17 35
ELI KENT gluttony 5-October 17 49
FAITH HASTINGS gluttony 27-September 17 44
Gabriel NPC 17-October 17 0
HARLEEN QUINZEL pride 11-October 17 41
JASON TODD gluttony 8-November 17 2
KARA KENT gluttony 5-January 18 5
KAREN BEECHER pride 27-September 17 31
KEPT Ghost 1-December 17 0
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Welcome to our in character chatbox. We would invite all who have been accepted to join in on our crazy fun. We have ground rules we want to go over.

1. This is for fun.
2. We allow you brain storm ideas here.
3. ICC is non-canon to the site
4. Limit OOC Chatter.
5. We do not account ICC as on board activity. It will not keep within activity rules.
6. We invite you join, if you are active on the main board.
7. All site rules apply in the ICC.

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