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Nature, life, it's all controlled by chaos. Humans simply create the illusion of control. Outside forces pull and push us every day. Yet, what happens if chaos is being pushed by a factor we don't know about? What happens if it changes the timeline? What happens if it completely changes you?
Gotham City
Winter, 2018
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we got answers

Do I have to know the comics?
No. You will need to look up canon origins if you apply for one but you are creating a what-if scenario. That will more than likely change the canon in some way shape or form, allowing you more creative ground to make the canon what you want according to the site lore.

Should I create an OCC account?
No. Occ accounts are for staff only.

Why are there only a handful of non-Gotham City canons on the canons? Because we are primarily a Gotham City story, so our canon reflects that. We have "star" canons" (popular and overpowerful), which are displayed on the canon list as well.

Can I play a non-Gotham City canon?
Yes, you may play a non-Gotham City canon. Not all canons are listed on the canon list. Well be happy to add any canon after a member gets accepted or the canon shows up in the wanted ads.

Is it possible to edit a character so they live in Gotham?
Yes. A prime example would be Karen Beecher (Bumblebee). She currently works for the Gotham branch of S.T.A.R. Labs, instead of the San Francisco branch.

Can I play one of the Archangels?
Archangels are staff NPCs and will only be brought out during events or when Cassie feels menacing.

Chaos Theory

Why Chaos Theory?
Setting the story in Gotham allows us to play with chaos given the facts of cities mystical history. It's a land ripe with sin and injustice, minor and major events altar its history in the likes of its villains, in essence, causing chaos.

So, with this idea, can I make Superman evil?
Yes, according to the chaos theories there could be events were Superman or any hero or villain can be reversed. He could, in turn, be a better hero depending on how you use chaos to manipulate him. Again with the ability of the theory and tweaks, he could flip.


What teams can't I join as an original character?
Most teams you'll be able to join besides family and original character teams. They'll be marked they are currently at capacity.

How many characters can I have in a team?
Keep it fair take only two spots.


What timeline generally do we base the characters on
Please base your timelines from New Earth Timeline (the timeline right before flashpoint (52).) Do not base your characters off the movies, tv shows, etc Are there any other timelines you allow characters from? As for allowing other characters. Yes, we allow the continuous Detective Comics/Dc Comic timeline that runs through the Golden/Silver Ages, New Earth, Flashpoint, and Rebirth. We do all Character from Constantine's Vertigo Timeline as well.

Why the New Earth Timeline?

We chose the New Earth timeline as the base timeline because it's recorded on numerous resource sites and it's is easy to research if someone needs to know about an event.

General Character questions

Can I use Robbie Amell for this canon instead of the one he played on the Flash?
Yes. CT does not hold TV, Film, or other media face claims.

Do you allow LGBT characters?
Characters of all genders are welcome.

No Race Changing?
We are respecting the writers here in many aspects and there are reasons. We are not going to get mad if you are not aware of a race because it's rarely spoken about in the comics, such as Dick Grayson being half Romani. It's not something that you are going find readily at this point in time in most resource sites. Some races they are easy to see. Others not so much. We will be helpful, but writers gave certain characters races/ ethnic backgrounds and we wish to respect that.

Wouldn't the chaos theory allow us to alter races?
Not with how we rendered the site. We are only altering the backstories.


Do you allow romance?
Yes, we do.

I'm confused by the Romance Rule
I'll break them down.
1. You are allowed romance.
2. We don't allow it be your only story or your main story.
3. You are allowed crackship.
We are superhero site. We want to be a community. If you latch on to a romance plot and only care about it, then you limit yourself and others. This can cause you to get bored and leave, it doesn't allow you move on if the other person leaves the site, and it causes others that wish to plot with you to leave the site. We want to be inclusive, not exclusive.

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Welcome to our in character chatbox. We would invite all who have been accepted to join in on our crazy fun. We have ground rules we want to go over.

1. This is for fun.
2. We allow you brain storm ideas here.
3. ICC is non-canon to the site
4. Limit OOC Chatter.
5. We do not account ICC as on board activity. It will not keep within activity rules.
6. We invite you join, if you are active on the main board.
7. All site rules apply in the ICC.

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