WELCOME TO Chaos Thoery
Nature, life, it's all controlled by chaos. Humans simply create the illusion of control. Outside forces pull and push us every day. Yet, what happens if chaos is being pushed by a factor we don't know about? What happens if it changes the timeline? What happens if it completely changes you?
Gotham City
Winter, 2018
01/14 New Skin! New features. New fun!

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 Our Guidelines
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Our Rules
Please review
Please understand before reading, our characters are based on the New Earth Timeline.We want certain things to stay the same even though change can happen. Please review the rules and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. The staff and members are more than happy to help you.

General Rules

  • No godmoding, powerplaying, or metagaming.

  • Respect everyone.

  • We want to be an open and accepting community. Out of character drama will not be tolerated.

  • 18 + We are an older group of roleplayers ad we wish to rp with older rpers. We also wish to roleplay with open minded roleplayers.

  • Only admin have OCC Accounts. Please don't not create one if you are not apart of the staff team.

  • Be inclusive, help us create a wonderful community where everyone feels that their character(s) are important to the story.
  • Please do not treat people as if they are your personal therapist. If you need a therpaist call your personal medical professional.


  • Register your character's name in proper caps, first and last. If a character does not have a known first and last, use the following breakdown.

    First and Last name
    First and last name alias

    Use the one they have following that order.

  • To reserve a character, you need to register with the site and post on the canon list. We allow seven days for a reservation.

  • To reserve your second + character you will need ten incharacter posts for each one. You are allowed to have as many characters as you can keep up with.


  • Under no means do we allow you to plagiarise .
  • You have seven days to complete your application. If you need more time please contact a member of staff. We'll gladly grant you more time.

  • We do require an rp sample for the character you are creating. This is for two reasons, to get a feel of how you see the character and to make sure you have a first post to post on the board. We do not judge how rp sample, we are simply looking at how you see you are adapting your character and making sure you have your first post encase life gets too busy.

  • Admin staff will review your application within 48 hours.

  • Please keep your canon origin based on the New Earth timeline. We do accept characters from its continuous timeline which includes Silver age, Golden age, New Earth, Flash Point, and Rebirth.

  • Make sure you have enough weaknesses to balance your character. Overpowerful canons may have to have weaknesses added. No original characters can be overpowerful.
  • Ages on the canon list. can be altered. Please keep other canon ages in mind, example: Hal Jordon, Batman, Superman, and Green Arrow should be around each other's ages. Roy, Babs, Dick, for example, are canonically aged around each other. They should not be changed. If you have any question please ask the admin staff.

  • Do not change anything in your application after acceptance unless you have staff approvalto do so.

    What to keep Canon

  • The character's race. We don't allow character race changes because historical backings to reasons of a character's history are important. Human history is important to the site and comic writers did use history to determine the experiences of many canon characters.
  • Defined sexuality in the comics. If a character has been defined such as Batman or Batwoman, they cannot be changed. If you have a character with no real definition feel free to define and explore that sexuality. We do allow straight characters to question their sexuality but this needs to be done in threads and it needs to be done respectfully.
  • For characters such as Alan Scott, whose sexuality has been changed due to 52 (flashpoint), we ask you to start from New Earth, allowing for children and relationships and then, if you wish, have them explore their sexuality.
  • Keep in mind, we are altering the backstory not the entire canon.
  • This rule affects original characters. Keep how characters gain powers to DC Comic Canon. By birth metahumans are rare and canon only. Originals will be considered first of their families to have an activated metagene. This means something has to happen to them to have the gene activated.
  • Origins that create character diversity. Examples: Roy's history with the Navajo. Dick being a circus performer and 1/3 Romani. Vixen's African ancestry.
  • Activity and Posting
  • We believe in quality verse quantity but by no means are you allowed to post a one-liner unless it's an event thread where is specifically stated.
  • Activity is simple, you have a month to post with all your characters. We will pm you if we haven't seen you in that time frame or you have not posted. You'll have 3 Days to answer the pm and we'll work something out on a case by case bases. If your accounts have been deleted for activity this reason, know that you are more than welcome to come back. Activity sweeps of this nature will be around the 1st of every month.
  • For the sanity of the admin staff, we ask that you post absences in the absence forum. This forum is hidden from guests. You don't have to go into detail. Just give us a general idea of when you are going to be back.
  • Please do not use the ICC as a form of activity. We don't count it since we are a post by post rp.
  • Original Characters

  • Your character is essential to our site. Please don't think that your character needs to sit in the corner while the canons have all the fun. We want original characters to take part, become leaders, be the bad guy, create new teams, and more.
  • When creating an original please be aware of what we don't allow:
  • Clone of a canon.
  • Members of canon families outside of onsite marriage.
  • Members of canon family teams.
  • Created by Cadmus
  • Overpowerful.
  • Anime inspired powers.
  • Lifeforce avatars or connection to the lifeforce. ( example: The green, Poision Ivy, Swamp Thing, Aquaman, Animal Man)
  • Original character players, some of the best writing is about what you know personally. What you've experienced in your life can help you create an inspired character. Use it.

  • For information on original characters please look over this guide.

    Graphics and templates

  • As of Feburary 2018, we are no longer using tiny pic image service since they are unreilable and have not converted to https.
  • Do not use imgur. They do not allow you post images. Please follow their TOS
  • Avatars must be your face claim. wWe want to be uniform to a point, not look like the Rogar Rabbit movie.
  • Avatars are 210x400

  • You can use comic images everywhere but your application and avatar.
  • You are welcome to use templates for all posts.

  • Please no porn stars or hobby models. Please keep Devaintart off the site in respect for the artists and their artwork.

  • Keep all credits on templates and pieces of artwork you did not make yourself.
  • There are templates made by Blue for member use located in the gotham's secrets forum. These are not mandatory.

  • No Flashing Gifs These have the potential to harm people with certain conditions of the brain. To learn more we have this document to help you.

    Wanted Ads

  • If you take a wanted, please do not snub the person that wrote the ad. We only ask that you attempt the possibility. If it doesn't work out. It doesn't work out.


  • Please do not make a canon or original character only for romance. You are welcome to have a romance but it should not be the only and main story you create. Creating a character only for romance violates our the inclusive rule.

  • We also allow crack ships.

  • For most romances, we ask that you request them unless they are married or soul bond canons. Example Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Liberty Belle and Hourman. Original characters with set families.

  • We allow Canon/Orginal romances.


  • General rules of the chatbox do apply. (No adverting, be nice, no spam,)
  • Please do not tag people in the chatbox. The alert system is active and far more useful. We also have a tag box for members that prefer that method.
  • If a staff member is speaking to a guest on the chatbox please slow the chatbox down. This will ensure the guest and staff do not miss questions and explainations.
  • In the in character chat please keep ooc chat down.
  • In Character Chat is not canon and will not affect the site's story.
  • Do not shove wanted ads down guests' throats.
  • No hate speech or isms.
  • Be polite.
  • You are allowed to curse but you can't be a drunken sailor.
  • No playful banter that is vulgar.
  • Do not talk about other sites on the chabox
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    Welcome to our in character chatbox. We would invite all who have been accepted to join in on our crazy fun. We have ground rules we want to go over.

    1. This is for fun.
    2. We allow you brain storm ideas here.
    3. ICC is non-canon to the site
    4. Limit OOC Chatter.
    5. We do not account ICC as on board activity. It will not keep within activity rules.
    6. We invite you join, if you are active on the main board.
    7. All site rules apply in the ICC.

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